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Suzhou CRH pharmaceutical technology Co Ltd is located in shuangfeng Town Suzhou City of China covering an area of 35 acres including 22000 square meters plant Suzhou CRH was founded in August 2005 and the registered capital was RMB105 98 million We have over 300 employees Suzhou CRH is an NEEQ listed company Suzhou CRH is devoted to researching developing producing and selling pharmaceutical class packaging materials Including PP caps PP ports rubber stoppers and modified formula PP resins Our well equipped facilities and excellent quality control throughout all stages of production enables us to guarantee products quality and enjoy customers

Categories and Products

PP Cap

Pull-Ring Cap

PP Composite Cap Pull Ring Type PP Cap Pull Ring Type PP cap for plastic infusion container High Quality Pp Cap New Type Pull Ring Cap Ring Pull Type Cap Medical Grade Ring Pull Cap Pull Ring Infusion Cap Hot Sale Ring Pull Cap Customized Pull Ring Cap 

Break-Off Cap

PP Cap Break Off Type PP Cap Easily Break-off Type PP Cap Double Break-off Type PP Composite Cap Single Break-off Type PP Composite Cap Break-off Type 5mm thickness PP Cap Easy-wrenched Break-off Type Medical Use Break Off Type Cap Medical Grade Break Off Cap Single Break Off Type Cap High Quality Single Break Off Cap Single Break Off Infusion Cap Easily Break Off Cap for Infusion Bag Pharmaceutical Packaging Break Off Cap 

Foil Cap

PP Cap Film Coated Type Foil Combination Cap D30mm Foil Combination Cap D36mm Foil Composite Cover D39mm PP Medical Grade Film Cap Pharmaceutical Use IV Bottle Foil Cap Top Quality Foil Cap Film Coated Medical Cap 

Bfs Cap

PE Assembled Cap for Medical Bottles Top Quality BFS Cap Good Quality Sell Well Bfs Cap High Quality Medical Euro Cap 

PP Port

Single Port

PP Port for Plastic Infusion Bag Polypropylene Based Medical Port Polypropylene Based Medical Connector High Quality Injection Port 

Double Port

Double PP Ports for Fluid Medicine Loading Packing High Quality Double Port Double Infusion Port for infusion bag and containers Double Polypropylene Ports for Packing Double Polypropylene Port for Medicine Packing 

Small Port

Small Wing Ports for Medicinal Packaging High Quality Small Wing Port New Type Small Wing Connector Factory Supply Small Wing Port 

Isoprene Gasket

Medical Synthetic Isoprene Gasket Medicinal Synthetic Polyisoprene Gasket Medical Used Rubber Gasket Medical Grade Syringe Rubber Gasket Medical Rubber Gasket for Syringes Disposable Medical Rubber Gasket for Syringes Factory Supply Rubber Gasket Good Sealing Medical Rubber Gasket Rubber Gasket for Infusion Cap Good Quality Isoprene Rubber Gasket Wholesale Best Quality Gasket Gasket for Medical Bag and Container Isoprene Rubber Gasket for Syringe 

Butyl Rubber Stopper

Butyl Rubber Stopper For Injection Bottle

Butyl Rubber Stopper for Injection Bottles 20A3 Injection Rubber Stopper Rubber Stopper for Injection Vial Cheap Hot Selling Rubber Stopper High Quality Infusion Rubber Stopper Factory Supplied Customized Rubber Stopper 

Butyl Rubber Stopper For Antibiotic Bottle

Butyl Rubber Stopper for Antibiotic Bottles Grey Disposable Butyl Rubber Stopper Hot Sale Antibiotic Rubber Stopper Butyl Antibiotic Rubber Stopper Customized Antibiotic Rubber Stopper 

Butyl Rubber Stopper For Lyophilized Preparation

Butyl Rubber Stopper for Lyophilized Preparation Lyophilized Butyl Rubber Stopper High Quality Lyophilization Stopper Molded Various High Quality Rubber Stopper High Quality Lyophilization Rubber Stopper 

Butyl Rubber Stopper For Prefilled Syringes

Butyl Rubber Stopper for Prefilled Syringes Factory Hot Sale Rubber Stopper Prefilled Syringe Use Rubber Stopper Rubber Piston for Prefilled Syringe Medical Rubber Stopper for Syringe 

Butyl Rubber Stopper For Film Coated

Butyl Rubber Stopper for Film Coated Membrane Teflon Rubber Stopper Tregional Membrane Rubber Stoppers(FEP/PTFE theca) Teflon Coated Medical Rubber Stopper Factory Sales ETFE Film Coated Stopper 

PP Resin

PP Resin For Outer Cap/inner Cap

Modified PP Resin for PP Caps Low Price Polypropylene Modified Resin Good Price Modified Granules PP Resin for Outer Combination Cap 

PP Resin For Port

PP Resin for Connector Polypropylene Port Used Resin Factory Bottom Price Compound Resin Hot Sell Polypropylene Granule 

PP Resin For Soft Bottle

PP Resin for Soft Bottle PP Resin for Soft Bottle Use Polypropylene Pellets for Infusion Bags PP Resin for Medical Used Soft Bottle 

PP Resin For Plastic Bottle

PP Resin for Plastic Bottle PP Resin For Plastic Bottle Use High Quality Plastic Bottle Polypropylene Resin High Quality Plastic Pharmaceutical PP Resin 

PP Resin For Plastic Ampoule

PP Resin for Ampoule Bottle Polypropylene Resin for Ampoule Bottle Used Top Quality Ampoule Bottle Polypropylene Resin Factory Price Bottle Resin 

Spike Port

Medical Disposable Infusion Spike Port Medical Used Spike Port Medical Infusion Spike Port Spike Port for Plastic Infusion Container 

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